Friday, January 4, 2013

New Item!

Our variety tins will be added to our Etsy shop tonight. We have sold these in both our NY & Maryland booths, but this is the first time in our online shop. Each tin is a little grab bag of our discontinued designs. They contain 12-15 buttons of varying shapes, sizes & colors. Just a sample to get your creativity going! We will offer free shipping on all orders this weekend to celebrate!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Practically Perfect in Every Way

Well, here I am for what seems to be my annual New Year's post! Since my birthday is also New Year's Day, I feel that life dealt me a double whammy of introspection and resolution every year because I have to deal with the birthday resolutions and the new calendar year at the very same time.

This year I have really decided to be perfect because I simply can not decide on one resolution. Too much needs to be corrected and improved! Now, I realize that perfection is difficult to attain, but ya know... I'm getting older and there just doesn't seem to be any time left for screwing around!

I don't want to go into the explicit details of what perfect will mean. But it will be a work in progress for now...

The 2013 birthday celebration & New Year's celebration were at Liz's (every year). This year was a first-time pj brunch. It was so much fun and included lots of delicious food... And Belinis with fresh raspberries. Completely awesome all the way around, as you can see from the pic of my adorable kids (plus one).

Ok... If the whole perfect thing works out, I will see you within the week... If not maybe Easter? Happy 2013!!