Monday, October 20, 2008

Sheep & Wool

I really don't even know where to begin... it was amazing, scary, thrilling. Our "premier" went better then I imagined it ever could. I had such an incredible weekend. Even just this first success changes my view of myself and the world. I still need some time to get my head around it all before writing about it here. But just to relive some of the details...

We stayed at a cute little B&B (well a cute little "room" rental) in Saugerties. The beds were comfy, and we were soooo tired! We had dinner at Miss Lucy's Kitchen... and it was absolutely delicious. I had a filet for dinner and butterscotch pot de creme for dessert. It was such a cute, cozy restaraunt and so much fun to have dinner with grown-ups.

It was amazing to see all our work come together in the booth. Lorrie and Michael have fine-tuned their show presence and we were lucky enough to have them as our mentors. We would NEVER have been at the show without them.
Saturday was just crazy-busy and fortunately we sold tons of buttons. Each and every sale, along with each person who told us how much they liked them, completely took me off-guard. I love the interaction with people in a retail atmosphere, but when you are selling your own creations it is a completely different thing. There is a vulnerability that comes with it. It feels like such a risk to put yourself out there.
Sunday was not as busy in the booth, so I was lucky enough to have some time to shop. I bought a couple of felted purse patterns, some yarn & some roving which I can't wait to get my hands through... just as soon as the total exhaustion passes...

Liz & I talked the entire way home... comparing our opinions, ideas and some serious arm chair psychoanalysis.
Now, some serious sleep & regrouping here at home, and then some posting on etsy!

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