Friday, April 11, 2008

Ladies Who Launch

Yesterday, I borrowed "Ladies Who Launch" from the library. I haven't had a chance to read much more then the cover, but it looks interesting... maybe just the pep talk that I need. I need almost constant pep talks. I even give them to myself, if I'm really desperate. Although, I must admit that mine are never as good as an outside source! It's amazing to look at yourself at (yikes!) 4o and think what am I going to be... when will I grow up? Don't get me wrong, I do LOADS of grown-up things in a day, but when will it "click"? Am I a "late bloomer"? That seems kind of like a bad thing to be, but I guess better late than never. So I'm going to spend some time reading that this weekend. The first page has a warning that it'll will change you life... well, let's hope so!

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