Saturday, May 17, 2008


I hate when people say... come back tomorrow & read my post about {insert teasing item here}. Really. I do. and now I did it. In fact, it might be the second time I've done it. Yup, my real life got in the way.. again! I know that's the way it's supposed to be, as opposed to thinking my real life is inside the box I'm sitting in front of... but still, I wish I had posted when I said I would. I suppose I could delete it, but it's not my plan to alter reality to suit my flaws.

Also, I never called you back on Thursday night. Yep, life again. Have I ever mentioned that David is miserable when he can't exercise. And BTW, I'm pretty miserable when I have to exercise... opposites attract? His knee is swollen from his camping escapades of a couple of weeks ago and it's not pretty in my world. oh, well. It'll pass.

Now for that fabulous post I teased you with last time. I made a really cute banner (if I do say so myself) for Mother's Day for, of course, my mother.

frame by Studio Flergs

It's not the best photo in the world, but it's something to post about. I love to read other blogs and watching their crafting escapades... so maybe someday someone else will read this blog and look back at these lame early posts and be amused by them :). For details about this little beauty, it is hung on a vintage tape measure which I thought was pretty crafty of me and I really love how the "e" is covered in buttons. I tried to glitter it and it was not cooperating, so the buttons were an emergency fix, but I really like 'em.

Do you like how I keep switching my writing from acting like your the only one to read this blog and then as if there are "others" reading, too? Oh this blogging thing is fun but very, very odd.

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