Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Screaming Mud Puddles (or Here We Go Again)

Well, at the rate of my current posts, this blog is not up to speed. I read in Somerset Studio that to draw people to your blog you should post at least 3 times per week at about 200 words each... oh- and include fabulous photos. That is not easy and frankly, I'm not sure I'm up to it! I just don't think I have that much to say. Ok, that's not true but I guess I'm going to have to share some of the more mundane parts of my life (Isn't it scary that it gets even more boring then the previous posts). So here we go... again.

A few posts back I mentioned photographing my day. I did ok at that... I wouldn't say that I was a news hound with the camera by any means, but I did capture a few things I wouldn't normally photograph. My 13 year old wouldn't get out of bed.. so I captured that moment. Somehow I'm sure I'd be violating his privacy if I posted that, so I'll move on. I photographed my health obsessed husband stretching in the morning... again privacy issues. The highlight would have to be my seemingly adorable 8 month old golden doodle who had horrible diarrhea (screaming mud puddles!). I stopped myself from documenting the worst parts, but here is a picture of his driveway bath which was witnessed by my entire neighborhood and 5 additional children who were here for playdates with my various children.

frame by Melissa Bennett

Now that I have shared these fabulous moments of my life maybe people will Google me to see how I do it all. I even amaze myself! Tomorrow I'll post about the Mother's Day gift I made for my mother... now I know you'll be back for that!

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  1. Even if no one else is reading you... I am. I've become obsessed. Every time I check my email, I check the blog. It's really fun when you write something new. It's like reading your diary....
    I know I should be doing the same so that you have something to read. I'm sorry. But it's way more fun to read than write.