Saturday, August 30, 2008


So, I think we have a mouse... mice. As I am sitting here in my {finally} quiet house, I have heard two snaps which I believe are the two brand new mouse traps my husband put in my kitchen cabinets. It has completely and totally freaked me out. Unnecessarily, I suppose. But truthfully, I am contemplating sitting here in my chair all night until my husband finally wakes up to eliminate the 2 victims and reset the traps for a couple more. I fear that we have a whole family, not just one or two. I could be exaggerating, but honestly I detest and fear bugs, rodents & reptiles. I don't know why. They don't scare me outside, but inside they may as well be man eating lions. They just terrify me.

Aren't you glad I have returned to the world of blogging? By the way, I just know these 2 cute mice pictured above are some crazy person's pets not vermin that have infilrated their home. I have made 500 buttons for the wool show and I promise to make more if I ever gain the courage to put my feet down off my chair.

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