Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This is one of my favorite photos of my sister. I can not express what she means to me. She has always taken care of me... and everyone else. I can remember sitting on the front step listening to the radio (it was a blue ball shaped radio with 2 silver buttons that looked like eyes) when boys constantly came to see her. I'm sure I was a terrible nudge & embarrassed her a million times with my incessant talking... but she always let me stay. She is selfless & thoughtful and has more creativity in her pinky than I can ever dream of having! I hope that your birthday was wonderful & happy. I love you more then words can say.

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  1. Okay - time to comment on this one. I read this the night before leaving for SC. Cried, I did. Couldn't even respond. Now, I can - thank you for all the wonderful things you say about me. Never remember you getting on my nerves, I know that's weird but it's really true. (Now, the other sibs are a totally different story!) I do remember the blue ball radio - one of my favorite possessions. Sitting on the front steps ALL afternoon, JUST listening! And, oh yeah, waiting for the boys....
    Thank you. I love you too.