Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ok, well picking one little word proved more difficult then I thought. I wanted to pick "stick to it", but it didn't really have good flow. KWIM? I need to stick to things... not abandon them when the initial thrill passes or when my "real" life crap gets in the way. Truly, real life will never stop, and I love my "real" life but in my heart I know there is something more to do. Something that will, in the end, be really me. So, I'm choosing this year... "perseverance". It seems like a harsh word to me, but I need to learn it.

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  1. Hi Noel ~ Stopping by from Year of Color blog.

    I know exactly what you mean about sticking to things and how real life never stops. I work pretty hard to find time for everything, to keep balance, not too much work, time for home, family, art, my dear horse. It's a constant struggle for me, as I'm a work-a-holic, but sure notice how much happier I am when I make best use of my time and get a bit of everything in.

    In fact, I'm off to the art nest right now!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault