Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer is doin' me in...

Summer is completely kicking my butt!  I am getting nothing... and I mean nothing done.  I bought this lovely laptop with high hopes of my creative business dreams coming true, but honestly keeping these four kids occupied has been a bigger job this summer then ever before!  I thought it was manageable entertaining and taking care of four kids when they were happy to be together, but now they really are four kids with four different lives... and I can't keep up.  I am sorry for the gap and leaving my poor blog flat! I can't wait to think in complete sentences again...

We have signed on to be a vendor at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival on September 25 & 26th.  So the countdown has begun for that event.  Fortunately for us, we work best under pressure!  I am really excited.  We have purchased some advertising spots on Ravelry and I hope that we will have lots of company in our booth. 

Back in May, when we were vendors at Maryland's Sheep & Wool show, we purchased lots of yarn from Miss Babs.  Her yarn was amazing and her booth was full to the brim all weekend long.  One of the yarns I brought home was a sock yarn in "Beach Glass".  It is an awesome color... a light blue green.  I have just started this beautiful shawl...

So, I have added that project to my list, but I am hoping it will a good match for the shawl pins we will be introducing at SVFF.  Definitely jump over to Christiana's blog to see this great pattern... if I can do it, you know it's beginnner friendly!  

I will keep trying to post as often as life allows for another (almost) 3 weeks... then hopefully the peace will settle in and I can get some serious blogging done. 

Enjoy these last weeks of summer!


  1. Summer has a way of creepin in and stealing your time away! NOW the heat is really on now and we're gonna get crackin!
    Time for a giveaway and see if we have any readers?

  2. i love that shawl! :) great color, and i like how loose it looks-