Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rhinebeck 2010

Long time no blogging… catching up & moving on. J

Rhinebeck was fabulous, again! We were so busy… got to meet lots of people, sold tons of buttons. It's always so much fun to see other people respond to your work so positively. It really keeps us going because often the months in between shows can make you forget why you started this in the first place. Our big hit was the new shawl pins that Liz designed. We sold so many and I am having so much fun wearing them myself (an added bonus).

My sweet husband brought my kids to Rhinebeck this time, so they had a chance to see what a fiber show is like. I'm not sure it was exciting for them as it was for me…

Aside from the "working" part of the trip, there is always so much fun. Of course, it's great to have a weekend away with my sister. Nothing is better then that familiar feeling of being together. Friday night, we had an amazing dinner at Miss Lucy's in Saugerties. I love it there. It has a great quirky atmosphere and the food is awesome. I had a squash soup, a turkey pot pie and a chocolate bread pudding… so, so good. Every. Single. Bite. I should have taken photos, but I haven't yet gotten over my need to be completely invisible whenever possible. After that it was a required visit to Lucky Chocolates with the adorable tree full of wishes. Adorable… I took a photos, but not a very good one. J Monday we took a quick trip through Otisville where my grandparents used to live… past the house, visit the grave, etc. I know not everyone feels this one, but I love those visits to the past. Somehow, it keeps it all real in my mind otherwise I forget and I hate that. I even try to play people's voices in my head… just so I don't forget. My own quirk… I know.

Next week, Amy will release the holiday edition of Inspire magazine. I can't wait! Her projects are always so fun, even when I don't get to complete them I LOVE the eye candy. We are sponsoring this edition of the ezine and are so excited to be a part of it again.

This week's goal is blogging Tuesday and Friday, so I hope you'll stop back. Happy Halloween!!

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  1. glad you had fun-
    i look forward to the magazine, too!