Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Delicious Start...

If only all of 2011 was going to be this yummy! Here's to another attempt at keeping up this blog. I have missed it, but was honestly feeling like life was a bit too mundane to bore everyone with it! Thank you for checking in on me and thank you to Kerri for your sweet comment!

I am a new year's baby so my year always starts with a party... what more could I ask for? Cake number one is above... Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake which was followed by cake number 2... red velvet!

Happy 2011!

PS. My annual attempt at one little word continues. Maybe this year, I'll decide on one. :)

PPS. I have figured out how to post from my phone... maybe that will improve my consistency?


  1. Yay!!! You're back! Happy Bday! My husband's bday is tomorrow- I should make him a little cake. It's just the 2 of us so making a cake is a little dangerous to have sitting around the house! ;)