Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fished My Wish!

I fished my wish today and got to stay home for a snow day. I really LOVE my day job (not just my button job). I do, but I am so tired with all there is to do in my full, happy life. So, while I thought it would be a catch up day... laundry, housework, taking down the Christmas tree, etc., it really was mostly hanging out and piddling around.

I have to say how much I LOVE blogs. I love to read, I love to people watch, I love to craft & create... and the best of all of that can be found in blogs. I have really misssed this past time since starting returning to regular work back in the fall. There are so many insights and inspirations to be found out there in the big, big world. So, here's a run-down of some things I was lucky enough to stumble on today...

I think these soap pops are adorable. The directions are all here on this cute little blog: Greenbean's Crafterole. Truth be told, I will most likely never find the time to make these... I know my kids would love 'em, so I just surf longingly.

Another blog that I love to visit is Tara Whitney's. I feel like her posts are so honest and I love to see all her amazing photographs. Sometimes it's comforting when you feel other people's lives are as scattered as your own, and yet they are ok.

I am itching for something to knit right now, and this may just be it! It is a free pattern by MegMarie. If you knit, maybe you could try it too... if you don't knit, I suggest felting something. I just erases all your mistakes. I love felted patterns.

BUT... there's always this too. I love nests... they are so cozy. So a FELTED nest. Now we talkin. Liv created & finished several of these. I am jealous... you should definitely go take a peek. Those of you who may know me in real life, know that I will probably start but not complete any of these projects. How sad. Maybe "complete" should be my word for 2011?

So have I bored you to tears yet? These were the highlights of my day... a nice change. :)


  1. i miss snow kids did have a mudslide day once last year (where their school was in jeopardy) close as we will get to a SD!!!

    tara whitney's photos are amazing!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for showing off my soapsicles! glad you like 'em!...

  3. oh that little egg nest is adorable!