Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NY Sheep & Wool

This year was a totally new experience for us in Rhinebeck. As much fun as it was to share in the Wardell Pottery booth, it was time for us to spread our wings and take a booth of our own. We applied last winter and NEVER thought we would actually get in... But fortunately, it was meant to be!

Our new booth was on the corner in C building and was everything we could have asked for... A inside, on the corner... amazing. It was super busy. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to see us. Your excitement meant so much to us. Sometimes it's difficult to remember why you keep making these things when so much time can pass before you interact with real people.

So, here I am writing again and a trying to keep up the excitement. Maryland Sheep & Wool seems too long to wait to see you all again!! Please stop back on Tuesday... I will be posting a give-away!


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