Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An unusual gift...

My youngest has just turned eight and he is one of those kids who is so easy to have around (if I do say so myself). He hardly complains and is pretty much happy all the time. This year, he got what I believe was the most unusual birthday gift ever... a pineapple. You would think that this would bring complaints, but that along with the pj's and socks from his grandparents were his favorite gifts! All he wanted to do with the pineapple was cut a door and put Sponge Bob inside. He thought I could scoop out the middle like a pumpkin & Bob could move right in. It didn't quite work that way, but I'm sure he will always talk about how Uncle Bob got him a pineapple!

Halloween was the usual fun & chaos rolled into one. This year, I had an M&M, a ladybug and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. We have tons of candy... plenty for me to pinch and not be noticed!

Let's see if we can get this blog rolling again with a give-away. I have many shawl pins to upload to the Etsy store... and I really need to get cracking! Please check out our shop and leave a comment here on this post. Next Wednesday, November 16th, I will choose a random poster to win a shawl pin of their choice. Hopefully, that will help bring this place to life again!!

Have a great week! :)



  1. Wow.... sad state of affairs here. No matter, our readers will be back soon enough! You're doing a great job, as usual. Keep it up; we're not as totally off track as we usually are.... I'm thankful you are blogging again!
    P.S. Do I win the shawl pin?

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