Thursday, August 2, 2012

What if they find out?

I struggle with the constant feeling of not measuring up... and I always worry about others finding out!  That's my biggest secret.  (maybe it's not as big a secret as I think...)  What if they find out that I don't know what I'm doing?  What if they find out that I can't juggle all the things on my plate?  What if they find out my house (life!) is a giant mess?  So, I am outing myself.  I can't keep up with my life, as hard as I try.  So what now?  Move on.

I love this whole KokoNoelle business... time spent on something with my sister, going to shows and meeting people especially.  I don't like the fear of being found out that it's another place where I don't know what I'm doing! 

So, today, I'm picking myself up again.  We took tons of shawl pin photos yesterday.  There will be much shop updating in the next 2 weeks and then on August 17th, a sale to celebrate Liz's birthday!!!

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  1. You're the best!!! See blog post of June 5, 2010.