Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm bringin' home my baby bumble bee...

She is every bit a yellow jacket. Really. This week my little bumble bee had her closing play & ceremony for kindergarten. She was chosen to play the yellow jacket in the production of "Bugz". She was seriously unhappy about this from the beginning. She really wanted to be a butterfly... better yet, the monarch butterfly who had a solo and everything, after all the monarch is the "most beautiful". "Everyone will think I am as mean as a yellow jacket", she said. "I don't want to say those mean things to the stink bug!" Her teacher and I convinced her that she would be such a good actress... that this was a juicy part. And truthfully, it was... several lines & a couple good laughs. It was juicy... but really, she does really fit the part! She was adorable and did a fabulous job! It kept us laughing so much, that we didn't really focus on the fact that kindergarten is over... another once in a lifetime event is history.

I made this little notebook to go with the teachers gifts this week. I included them in a little straw purse from the dollar store, some adorably shaped paper clips (I even used one on the front) and a gift certificate. I think they really came out cute. All in all, it's been a very crafty week around here. Cards & gifts for teachers. Buttons being made. Art table clear. Blog posted. Yep, very crafty indeed.

Oh, and just as a thought, rather then comment on my post... you could post about my post... and that might beef up this blog a bit... just a thought, not a requirement. :)

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