Monday, August 17, 2009

Last year's birthday entry was sweet & sappy, so I figure that this year (just to change it up) I need to go for funny. Funny things about my sister (this is harder then you think)....

-our mother used to tell me to talk quietly because she has "sensitive ears". (is that funny about me or funny about her?)

-when cleaning out my grandparents home she took the door knobs... yep, really. The door knobs.
Ok, I'm giving up. I'm staring at the screen, racking my brain for funny and there's really just sweet. So, I'll leave you with a funny story which shows just how sweet she is...

When we were growing up, we would visit our grandparents in upstate New York. Our Nana was an incredibly sweet woman who always had the Stella Doro cookies when we came to visit and I LOVED the flower shaped cookies with the pink icing.

On one visit, I must have been rifling through her kitchen drawers when I stumbled across some mouse poison. She gave me a lengthy explanation about mice in the walls and the dangers of mouse poison. This information was rattling around in my brain about bedtime (when we know all fears become larger). Since my sister & I shared the bedroom in Monroe, I guess I was keeping her awake worrying about the mice. Did this upset her? Nope, she told me the story of the Pied Piper and put me to sleep. I know that was the first time I had ever heard that story, and it may have been the only time. She has always taken care of me... at the silliest of times and the most serious of times. See, isn't she sweet?

Happy Birthday! Love you!


  1. Alright, in my defense, may I just say....
    A) I think the sensitive ears were just an excuse because you were a "chatterbox". (So I think that's funny-about-you.) (Or more likely, funny-about-her.)
    B) I didn't TAKE the doorknobs. I took the doorknobs that were hanging out in the workshed because it was the only thing I was allowed to take. I begged and nagged for the victrola that was also in the workshed but, NOOOOOOOOO. And, as you well know, ANYTHING inside the house was strictly off limits. I was grasping at straws, for goodness sake. Make me sound like some kind of lunatic with a screwdriver.....
    And C) as for the Pied Piper, I actually remember in a very fuzzy, distant, different lifetime kind of way, telling you that story. I just needed you to stop your chatterboxing and get some sleep. But seriously, I never would have remembered that without your post. I appreciate the memory and it made me realize how much more you remember than I. But then again, I was the big one - always looking up and out - and you were the little one, always looking up.... to me!?#@? and scrutinizing and studying every detail. I think younger kids' childhoods are so influenced by the older ones, especially when there is such an age difference. I see it in your kids, now. Anyway, I am glad that your memory files me on the sweet side, because I know that I was not always.
    The birthday post is by far the best birthday wish I have gotten! Love you....

  2. By the way, you know that's my most-hated photo. Not even the crown helps.