Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life Couture

How in the world do we expect to be all things to all people? Don't we know it's killing us? The things that are put off till tomorrow's to-do list would fill a week's worth - no a month's worth - of to-do lists. And we really think we can get them done. My life to-do list is trying to simplify, to edit, to become more manageable. TO SET BOUNDARIES. With myself, with others.... That is soooo hard. I've been doing the opposite for fifty years. Even my "relaxation" time is spent trying to accomplish something. Something relaxing, yes, but it's still that trying to get something accomplished that takes it out of the real relaxation department and into the busy department. Am I making sense?

You're doing the same thing. Following in my footsteps. But I think you are a l-i-t-t-l-e better at setting some boundaries. But just a little. (Sorry I added to your to do list today....)(But I needed to add to your to-do list to accomplish something on my to-do list....)(All things to all people....)

Take a look at this guy. I'd like to see his to-do list...


  1. I think my blog post sounds more like a comment.... I don't think I'm supposed to personally speak to you in a post, am I? Blog etiquette ?!!@$%&!!?*#

  2. Look at you!!! Thanks for picking up my slack... as I never re-vamped the blog. Uggh. You're right. We try to do too much. Can that change? The bigger question is how many clones have we created?