Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old photos.

I love old photographs and I have no idea why.  In general, I am a very sentimental and maybe that's why I love them.  The photo above is my dad (the baby) held by his maternal grandmother and with his only sister next to them.  My Aunt Joan died ten years ago yesterday and when my cousin posted it on Facebook yesterday, it made me want to look for old photos of her.  Fortunately, my obsession has served me well, and I happened to have several of her.  This happens to be the oldest of her that I have.  

I have noticed, too, that some people hate to see old photographs and find them depressing.  While I don't love photos of myself, I treasure those of the people I love.  What do you think?  Depressing or fun?  

I really hate talking to myself... comment if your out there. :)


  1. Depressing or fun.... certainly depends on your point of view! Cute little mopey boy on a pony's back.... or chubby little girl with a pixie haircut in a red wagon.... or really pissed off girl in a blue smoke ring dress. It all evokes a certain mood completely determined by the viewer's memory - or perception of the memory by the stories they've been told!

  2. my mum just turned 90. knowing that a big party would not suit her, we sent announcements with stamped envelopes asking for old photos and memories of her. several months later, they are still coming in. we have been delighted to see her ( and all the family ) at various ages, dressed to the styles of the times. wonderful glimpses into the past.