Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blogging Debut

Okay, first let me say - blogging is not exactly my thing. I'm not sure I even totally understand the concept. Personal - sometimes very personal - musings sent out over the world wide web? I have a hard time making conversation at a cocktail party... But my sister is growing impatient with my procrastination. That photo she included of me two postings ago - in the red snowsuit with my hands over my eyes? Perfect representation of how I feel now... the world is waiting for me to say something and I... I am conspicuously shy.

So, as I approach my fiftieth birthday, she pulls me into this blogging thing. This is a place for 17 to 45 year-olds, so the demographics say. I don't understand it - linking and downloading and all that stuff. And evidently, there is even blogging etiquette! For god's sake, I am just getting comfortable with e-mail. But just wait till I learn how to put pics in with my words - I have plenty of nerdy little photos of her, too.

She says that blogging is a great networking tool - I'm sure she's right. And though, yes, we have attempted working together before, I think that this time we are finally both ready. My goals for this venture are simple - to be fun and mildly profitable (emphasis on FUN!) And so, with equal amounts of me pushing her and she pulling me, here we go!

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