Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here we GO!

Here are the first scans of some of our buttons! I really am so excited... we are doing it! This number is one of my favorites so far. Love the whole thing... the pattern, the color. This sounds pathetic and very self promoting, but I'm just so excited that this is finally happening! I am so proud of us!

Here's another for your viewing pleasure (ok, potentially just my viewing pleasure, but I'm really enjoying this!). I really want to felt a purse just looking at these babies. Knitty has an adorable shrug called Nob hill which I would LOVE to knit & put one of our buttons on... I've never done short rows, so I am a little afraid to try! The new issue of Knitty is out today and there are really great patterns inside(as always!).

Ok, enough previews for today. I didn't want to publish this and push down my sisters post, but I know she probably didn't want the spotlight for too long anyway! :)

doodle frames by Kate Hadfield @ The Lilypad

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