Tuesday, March 4, 2008

{the work of art}

Today I was reading my new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and was struck by the last article, "Tuesdays We Do the Wash". I am not a person who is organized or inclined to do repetitive tasks... like housework, unfortunately. I always opt for the most entertaining task, if I possibly can. I am like a fireman in my approach. I do what is the emergency first, and if there is no current emergency-- well then, time for a break! The author of this article, Loretta Benedetto Marvel made real sense to me: "We all wish to be the diva stamping her foot rather than the devoted chorus member mastering every part. But I am learning that all cannot be genius every day, not unless genius is born from sweat and toil." So... uh... that's my reality check for the day. I don't see myself as a diva, but I guess if I expect it to be easy then maybe I am.

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