Friday, June 25, 2010


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One of the flying lessons this week was about promoting yourself and getting published in a magazine. I think that would be the thrill of a lifetime... to be published in a Somerset magazine. I would feel like I had really "made it"! I can only imagine how exciting that would be. It makes me giddy just to imagine it. It's hard not too let the fears creep in just at the thought! Kelly keeps saying, "you have to be brave". Wow, that's REALLY brave.


  1. i hope that thrill of a lifetime happens for you!

  2. I find it hard to be brave too, I really hope it happens for you :-)

  3. At the beginning of this year I'd finally worked up the courage to submit a couple of my photos to Somerset's Life Images magazine but I guess they are no longer publishing it :(. So sad! I loved that magazine. I'd also really love to someday get featured in Artful Blogging. Gotta work on my blog a bit first ;)!!